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Médecine Références
Développeur Ossus GmbH

Eponyms brings a short description of more than 1700 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., Rovsings sign, Virchows node) to your Mac. A perfect tool to quickly look up the meaning of any eponym.

It uses the beautiful eponym database of Andrew J. Yee ( who still maintains the database, updates can be installed right from within Eponyms.

• More than 1700 eponyms, updates can be downloaded right from within the App
• Full text search
• 28 categories
• Customizable "starred" list to keep track of the eponyms you tend to forget
• List of recently accessed eponyms
• Learn mode
• Print the currently active list of eponyms

Learn mode randomly displays eponyms from the category youre currently visiting. This way you can either learn eponyms from a given category, only the ones that youve starred, the ones matching a given search term or just all of them.